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Before traveling to Germany, please inform yourself about the current rules and regulations. 

COVID-19: entry and quarantine regulations in Germany
(Information for travelers entering Germany from areas of variants of concern:)

Before departure, please be prepared for your carrier (for example airline) to require from you an up-to-date PCR test if you spent time in an area of variants of concern at any time in the ten days prior to entry. After your arrival, further PCR testing may be ordered by the health authorities at the airport or at the place of isolation/quarantine. Please be aware of the 14-day quarantine requirement, which also applies to vaccinated and recovered individuals. The duration of the 14-day quarantine may not be shortened.

Before entering Germany, you must carry out a digital registration on entry if, at any time in the ten days prior to your entry, you spent time in an area classified as a high-risk area or an area of variants of concern at the time of your entry. Please enter information on the places you stayed over the previous 10 days on the travel portal.



I. From Frankfurt Airport:

  1. By German Railway to Heidelberg Main Station (Hauptbahnhof). Follow directions under II.
  2. Using the Airport Transfer and Limousine Service (TLS; Tel. +49 (0) 6221 770077). Depending on which airline you are using, you will be picked up at the Meeting Point at either Terminal 1 or 2. TLS will take you directly to the IWH. Advance reservation with information on the airline and flight number is required. IMPORTANT UPDATE: Due to the continuing low volume of flights, regular shuttle services to and from Frankfurt Airport cannot be offered. However, they continue to offer single trips on this route for 135,-. We strongly recommend teaming up in groups to take advantage of this service and to save money.  
  3. By Lufthansa Airport Shuttle. The bus stops at the Meeting Point in Terminal 1, Halle B, Exit B 4-5 (Arrivals level). It will take you to the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Kurfürstenanlage 1-3 in Heidelberg. Price: 29.00 € single; 55€ round trip. From there, you can take a taxi to the IWH. Alternatively take bus 33 in direction Köpfel or 35 direction Neckargemünd from "Bismarckplatz" to stop "Neckarmünzplatz" or "S-Bf Altstadt" (see below II).
  4. Arrival at Frankfurt-Hahn |  Frankfurt-Hahn: Auto - Bus-Charter


II. By German Railway: Arrival at Heidelberg Main Station (Hauptbahnhof); from there,

  1. The bus stop is located next to the tram stop. Take Bus number 32 to "Neuenheimer Feld - Kopfklinik" or Bus number 20 "Sportanlagen" and get off at stop "Kirschnerstrasse". About 100 meters down the road you will see the DKFZ main entrance on your right.
  2. As the German Cancer Research Center is located only about 1.5 km from the Central Station, one may even walk (15-20 minutes). Upon exiting central station, head north and cross the „Kurfürsten-Anlage“ (large 4-lane-street). Walk north along the „Mittermaierstrasse“ crossing the Neckar River. Right after the bridge, make a left into „Jahnstrasse“. Follow that street until you reach the gate on the left. Pass the gate and walk into „Kirschnerstrasse“. About 100 meters down the road you will see the DKFZ main entrance to your right.


III. By Car:

  1. Because of the limited number of parking areas in the Neuenheimer Feld, it is recommended to arrive by public transport.

    Attention: If you are using a navigation device, please enter "Kirschnerstraße" as the destination address. When you reach Kirschnerstraße, drive to the blue and white DKFZ flags, which are located directly in front of the main DKFZ building.

    Approaching Heidelberg on Autobahn A5 from Frankfurt or Karlsruhe, change to Autobahn A656 from direction Mannheim at the junction "Heidelberger Kreuz". Continue on Autobahn A 656 to Heidelberg, which ends at the Heidelberg City limits.
    As you enter the city of Heidelberg, follow the signs „Eberbach/HD-Wieblingen/Chirurgie“: Turn left at first traffic light, then right at second. Follow the curve at the next light. Underpass the Neckar Bridge, then turn right twice heading for "Chirurgie/DKFZ". Having crossed the Neckar River, take the left lane at the first intersection and head for "Chirurgie/DKFZ". Follow this street to the next intersection. Do NOT turn left and drive through the gate, as indicated by DKFZ-signs (it's a checkpoint)! Drive straight ahead instead. To the right there are (charged) parking lots where you can park your car. From the car park walk back to the gate and pass it. Follow the street for about 100 meters. The German Cancer Research Center is the tall building on the right (for your orientation, you can find the house numbers on the top of each building; DKFZ has 280). Go straight ahead along the building, until you can see the main entrance on the right. In the entrance hall please contact the information desk for further help.

    To reach the buildings in the Technologiepark (Im Neuenheimer Feld 580 and 581), follow the Berliner Str. after having crossed the Neckar River. Reaching the tramway stop "Technologiepark", turn left into the street "Im Neuenheimer Feld" (following the signs "Technologiepark").Turn right at the next intersection, after a few meters you will see the Technologiepark to the right.
    Some parking lots are in front of the building Im Neuenheimer Feld 506 (turn left after passing Im Neuenheimer Feld 504 - see detailed map, parking areas in blue)