The European Rare Kidney Disease Reference Network


ERKNet Webinar Schedule 2018

(4 pm CET)



Feb 13

Francesco Emma

Non-cystinotic renal Fanconi syndrome

Feb 27

Marina Vivarelli

C3 glomerulopathy

Mar 13

Olivia Boyer

Genetic forms of podocytopathies in adults

Mar 27

Detlef Bockenhauer

Disorders of water

Apr 03

Rukshana Shroff

Nutritional management in CKD

Apr 17



May 15

Jaap Groothoff

Primary Hyperoxaluria: a never benign and often underdiagnosed disease: diagnostic and therapeutic challenges   

Jun 05

Gema Ariceta

Familial hypomagnesemia
with hypercalciuria and nephrocalcinosis

Jun 12

Roser Torra

Renal involvement in Tuberous Sclerosis Complex

Jun 26

Claus Schmitt

Optimising PD in children

Sep 04

Max Liebau

A primer to cystic kidney diseases and ciliopathies

Sep 18

Marius Miglinas

Spectrum of complement-mediated thrombotic microangiopathies after kidney transplantation

Sep 25

Justine Bacchetta

 CKD-MBD – pathophysiology and management

Oct 16

Paul Winyard

Perinatal aspects of CAKUT/Ciliopathies

Oct 23



Nov 06

Rachel Lennon & Jaap Groothoff

Microscopic haematuria

Nov 13

Giuseppe Remuzzi

Unravelling the pathophysiology of HUS in light of recent discoveries on complement activation

Nov 27

Jack Wetzels

Membranous nephropathy

Dec 11

Nicola Persico

Prenatal Management of LUTO



























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