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Maribor, University Medical Centre


Unit for Pediatric Nephrology and Hypertension


The Unit for Paediatric Nephrology and Hypertension at the Department of Paediatrics Maribor performs all diagnostics and therapies in the field of nephrology, except chronic dialysis and transplantation. However, our institution also has capacities and knowledge for chronic dialysis of children within our dialysis center. We firrnly believe that children should be dialyzed in the region where they live if the capacities for the therapy exist.
We are a department with a longstanding tradition, with in- and outpatient nephrology activities offered since 1962. We are covering the Northeastern part of our country, which represents approximately one fourth of all Slovenian patients. Each year we take care of approximately 600 hospitalized and 2300 outpatients.
We have 6 beds at the ward and capacities in PICU for emergencies, including acute dialysis. Our nephrologists perform approximately 900 ultrasound examinations per year. We also perform urodynamic investigations and the number of procedures is approximately 30–40 per year. The number of renal biopsies is approximately 20 per year. Diagnostics includes complete laboratory including next generation sequencing.
In recent years we have treated the entire spectrum of kidney diseases, including some very rare disorders such as haemolytic-uremic syndrome (HUS). We also see complex cases for second opinion, approximately 15 in the last three years. In addition, we perform regular urological-nephrological as well as nephrological-radiological expert meetings once per month with regional hospitals of Celje, Slovenj Gradec and Ptuj where their complicated patients have been presented and consulted by experts of our team.


Natasa Marcun Varda   (HCP Lead)  [e-mail]

Disease expertise


Prof. Dr. Natasa Marcun Varda
Telephone: +38 632312416