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Nephrology Department


The adult nephrology service provides health care for all kidney diseases in adults.

We provide health care advice that puts the emphasis on:
-Prevention of kidney disease
-Slowing down the damage of kidney function
-The offer of all kind of extrarenal purification
-Kidney transplantation

Specialized activities offered by the department :
-Management of high blood pressure
-Management of hypertension of pregnancy
-Renal failure at all stages
-Inflammatory diseases (glomerulonephritis, vacuities ...)
-Hereditary diseases (e.g. polycystosis ...)
-Lithiasis diseases
-Autoimmune diseases (lupus erythematosus, Wegener's disease, PAN ...)
-Complications of diabetes in all its forms, most notably metabolic syndrome
-Integrated management of end-stage renal disease
-Multidisciplinary preparation for hemodialysis
-Multidisciplinary consultation of transplant patients
-kidney transplantation preparation

Specific exams
-Exploration of arterial hypertension by Holter
-Renal biopsy
-Urinary sediment analysis
-pre-dialysis consultations for optimal preparation.

The dialysis service:
We take care of around 100 patients on hemodialysis.
In dialysis we can offer :
- conventional dialysis service.
-Limited Care service
-peritoneal dialysis
During a transplant, we offer: medical monitoring, nursing, education in our post-transplant consultation.

The Nephrology hospitalization takes place on the 4th floor of CHL and allows the care and management,(by a medical team and specially trained caregivers), of all nephrological diseases in the acute and chronic phase, with a large multidisciplinary group including intensive care doctors, radiologists, vascular surgeons, cardiologists, geneticists…..


Linda Benchalel   (HCP Lead)  [e-mail]

Disease expertise


Linda Benchalel
Telephone: +352 44 11 20 22


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