Bertrand Knebelmann

Bertrand Knebelmann is Professor of Nephrology at Necker Hospital, University of Paris, in the Department of adult nephrology, dialysis and transplantation.

Pr Knebelmann has specific expertise in the field of genetic kidney diseases including Polycystic Kidney disease, ADTKD, Alport syndrome and FSGS and hereditary stone diseases.

He has authored over 150 original papers in the field.

He is co-director of the Rare Disease Center of Reference for Hereditary Renal Diseases (MARHEA) which regroups 5 university  hospital adult and pediatric nephrology departments  with expertise in the field of hereditary kidney diseases.

He is also head of the Necker branch of the Reference center on Idiopathic Nephrotic Syndrome which associates 5 university adult and pediatric departments in France.


Pr Knebelmann is Co-PI for the EURBIO Alport cohort study developed under the RADICO (RAre DIseases COhort) platform.

He has led the development of the French Cystinuria cohort, which enabled several original publications highlighting the previously unrecognized renal consequences of cystinuria and the cystinuria induced inflammatory profile through urinary peptidomic approach.

He is investigator of several therapeutical trials in hereditary kidney diseases, (STAGED PKD, CARDINAL trial in Alport syndrome, DUPLX in FSGS, and PI for the international Study Evaluating efficacy and safety of ADV71013  In Patients With Cystinuria .