Eiske Dorresteijn

Eiske Dorresteijn is chief of the Pediatric Nephrology division of the Sophia Children’s Hospital, Erasmus MC in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. She received her M.D. degree from the University of Leiden and completed her residency in Pediatrics in the same city (2000). Upon completion of her clinical fellowship in Pediatric Nephrology at the Sophia Children’s Hospital, she first worked at the Alrijne Hospital, Leiderdorp, the Netherlands and she returned to the Sophia’s Children’s Hospital as a staff pediatric nephrologist in 2007. Her main clinical areas of interest are tubulopathies, dialysis, nephrotic syndrome and other rare kidney diseases. She is head of the pediatric hemodialysis program, member of the national working group atypical hemolytic syndrome, member of the national working group idiopathic nephrotic syndrome, member of the national evidence-based guideline acute dehydration and editor of the National Pediatric Drug Handbook and the national handbook of pediatric nephrology. Besides the care for patients, she has a passion for education, resulting in local and national education programs in pediatric nephrology for general pediatricians. Eiske Dorresteijn is deputy director of the Pediatric Residency program.