Luca dello Strologo

Luca Dello Strologo is a pediatric nephrologist at Bambino Gesù Children’s Hospital. He is been working in the transplantation field for the last 25 years and is still very passionate about it.

Currently, he is  the medical director of the renal transplant program at Bambino Gesù Children’s hospital where he coordinates the whole program.

He teaches renal transplantation within the nephrology school of Rome University.

He is currently part of the scientific council of the International Pediatric Transplant Association.

He served as Education Officer for the transplantation working group of the European society of Paediatric Nephrology since August 2015.

He  is  involved in several clinical trials.

He is member of the editorial board of Paediatric Transplantation since 2014.

He has been involved in several international cooperation projects. In particular, during the period 2013-2015 he led an international cooperation project to start a paediatric renal transplant program in Vietnam at the Hanoi National paediatric Hospital (goal reached) and is currently working in another international cooperation project in India (Bangalore) on paediatric renal transplantation sponsored by TTS and ISN.