Luisa Murer

Dr. Luisa Murer has been the Head of the Paediatric Nephrology, Dialysis and Transplant Unit - Department of Woman’s and Child’s Health - Hospital University of Padova since 2009 and Consultant Paediatric Nephrologist since 1997. She has been the Chief of the National Pediatric Renal Transplant Center since 2010; the Head of “Laboratoty of diagnosis and study of rare disease” since 2003 and of Renal Immunopatology and Molecular Biology Laboratory since 2014 based on at the Research Institute of Pediatrics (IRP).

She has been a representative of Healthcare Provider AOPD Padova for European Rare Kidney Diseases Network (ERKnet) since 2016 and the head of the reference Inter-Regional Center of the area for Rare Renal Disease-Regione Veneto-Italy.  Luisa Murer is also adjunct Professor of Residency Program of Pediatrics since 2001, of Nephrology since 2007 and Pediatric Surgery since 2009. She has also been the coordinator master of Pediatric Nephrology since 2009 and Tutor in PhD School of Developmental Medicine and Health Planning Sciences since 2006 - University of Padova.

Currently, Luisa Murer is Past President of the Italian Pediatric Nephrology Society (SINePE), member of  ESPN and IPNA (WG of Transplantation, Nephrotic Syndrome, CAKUT), member of Certain Registry, member of ERA-EDTA, member of Reanal pathology Society, member of Italian Society of Nephrology (SIN) and Italian Society of Organ Transplant (SITO). Her principal scientific research topics include clinical trials and translational research (immunopathology and genetics) on kidney transplant, CAKUT and ciliopathies, hereditary glomerulopathy, TMA,  ADPKD, ARPKD. She has published more than 221 publications in "peer reviewed journals", including more than 128 full text articles (H-Index: 32).