Stéphane Decramer

I am a pediatric nephrologist and internal medicine doctor. I care of all pediatric renal diseases but have some fields of expertises. The principals of them are prenatal diagnosis (with more of 1200 prenatal consultations), hyperechogenic kidneys like HNF1beta nephropathy, tubulopathies, Fabry disease, C3 nephropathy…  We have a pediatric unity of dialysis and apheresis.  We perform dialysis, with possibility of hemodiafiltration on line, peritoneal dialysis and therapeutic apheresis (immunoadsorption, plasmatic exchanges, erythrocyte exchanges, stem cell collections).


I am the pediatric coordinator of the Rare Renal Disease Reference Centre of Toulouse and member of the unit U1048 of INSERM and work with Dr Joost Peter Schanstra on biomarkers of renal dideases progression and mainly amniotic and fetal urine biomarkers.