Tom Nijenhuis

Tom Nijenhuis is an internist-nephrologist, clinician-researcher, particularly interested in rare kidney disorders. He received his medical education at Radboud University Medical Center in Nijmegen (the Netherlands), where he also received his PhD on a thesis about calcium and magnesium transporters in rare renal tubulopathies (2006), and was registered as internist-nephrologist (2011). In addition to being Co-chair of the ERKNet Tubulopathy expert working group, Tom is board member of the ERA-EDTA Working Group on Inherited Kidney Disorders, board member and secretary of the Scientific Committee of the Dutch Federation for Nephrology and member of the scientific advisory board of the Dutch Kidney Foundation. Tom was appointed Full Professor of Rare Kidney Diseases at Radboudumc in 2021.


Tom’s fundamental research projects are focused at elucidating molecular mechanisms of rare kidney disease,  e.g. deleterious intracellular pathways involving calcium signaling in kidney filter injury in rare glomerular diseases, and the identification and characterization of the molecular pathogenesis of genetic renal tubulopathies. Ultimately, the goal is to identify molecular pathways that could serve as novel treatment targets in personalized treatment strategies. Clinical research focus is on renal tubular disorders caused by dysfunction of renal tubular ion channels and transporters. For instance by implementing single subject N-of-1 trials, he strives to improve treatment and quality of life.