Research Project

Project Title:

Urine peptidoma, metabolomic and proteomic analysis in Cystinuria.

Project Type:

Translational research

Disease group(s):

Tubulopathies, Metabolic & stone disorders

Project Summary:

The main objective of this research project is to evaluate the differences between urinary
protein and metabolites in a large group of patients suffering from Cystinuria and healthy
subjects. In the last 20 years despite the improvement of the treatment of symptoms of cystinuria, the
attention towards the side effects of cystine-binding agents and alkali and the need to
customize the conservative treatment in patients monitoring the urinary biochemical profile
allowed us to search new therapeutic strategies. The analysis of the biochemical urine profile aims to explain the molecular basis of the
mechanism of formation of cystine kidney stones. The deep comprehension of this mechanism
is critical to develop focused therapies aimed to limit and prevent kidney damage. Genotype analysis performed using NGS will clarify if there is any correlation between genotype and urinary peptidoma or
proteomic/metabolomic panels.

Lead principal investigator(s):

Giovanna Capolongo, Naples
Miriam Zacchia, Naples

Project Period:

09/2020   -   09/2023


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