Research Project

Project Title:

Protection from reactive metabolites in CKD and diabetes

Project Type:

Translational research

Disease group(s):

Metabolic & stone disorders

Project Summary:

The group is a collaborative research center in the SFB 1118 of the German Research Foundation; the project is focused on the histidin dipeptide metabolism and the protective mechanisms against reactive metabolites. A carnosinase 1 (CN1) ko mouse model with different forms of diabetes and renal disease and an iron overload mouse model are currently analyzed. Visualization of vascular and glomerular effects and biochemical characterization is performed in various zebra fish models. Upcoming studies address the role of CN2 in diabetes and CKD.

Lead principal investigator(s):

Claus Peter Schmitt, Heidelberg
Verena Peters, Heidelberg

Project Period:

01/2014   -   01/2022


National funding agency

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