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Disease group(s):

Hereditary glomerulopathies, Immune glomerulopathies, Tubulopathies, Metabolic & stone disorders, Thrombotic microangiopathies, AD structural kidney disorders, Congenital Malformations & Ciliopathies, Pediatric CKD & dialysis, Pediatric kidney transplantation

Project Summary:

The European Rare Kidney Disease Registry (ERK-REG) is the first joint research project of the ERKNet Consortium. ERK-REG will provide demographic information about patients with rare kidney diseases treated within the Network, in order to facilitate the identification of potential clinical trial cohorts. In addition, disease specific indicators will be recorded to monitor and benchmark the diagnostic and therapeutic performance, as well as patient outcomes throughout the Network.

Lead principal investigator(s):

Franz Schaefer, Heidelberg


Jaap Groothoff, Amsterdam
Gema Ariceta, Barcelona
Aleksandra Zurowska, Gdansk
Aude Servais, Paris

Project Period:

03/2018   -   02/2022



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