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Project Title:


Project Type:

Observational Study, Enrolment ongoing
Adjunct biobank: DNA, Serum, Plasma

Disease group(s):

Thrombotic microangiopathies

Project Summary:

Recently, the national, prospective study called CUREiHUS (Full project title: National observational study to monitor the new guideline concerning treatment of patients with atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome, NTR5988) has started in the Netherlands. This study will include all aHUS patients and will monitor and evaluate the restrictive treatment regimen according the new Dutch guideline. With the CUREiHUS study we hope to show that a restrictive treatment regimen is feasible. Moreover, we want to investigate the potential efficacy of this new treatment regimen from a societal perspective with the design of a cost-effectiveness analysis. Furthermore, we will look into the pharmacokinetics and dynamics of eculizumab

Lead principal investigator(s):

Nicole vandeKar, Nijmegen
Jack Wetzels, Nijmegen

Project Period:

10/2016   -   10/2022


National funding agency

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