7th International Workshop on Alport Syndrome

This workshop will spotlight the latest developments in Alport Syndrome.

7th International Workshop on Alport Syndrome

The 2024 International Workshop on Alport Syndrome is an opportunity for the Alport community to come together and engage in discussions about the latest research developments in the field. Topics of focus include advancements in understanding Alport Syndrome, including its effects on hearing, kidneys (both basic science and treatment aspects), eyes, genetics, clinical trials, and patient registries. The workshop aims to foster collaboration among international colleagues, provide networking opportunities with experts in related fields, and connect patients with the wider international Alport community, including clinicians, research scientists, and pharmaceutical companies. Additionally, the workshop aims to bring together young adult patients from around the world, creating a supportive environment for sharing experiences and insights. Overall, the workshop serves as a platform for advancing knowledge and collaboration in the fight against Alport Syndrome.

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The 2024 International Workshop on Alport Syndrome (alportsyndromealliance.org)

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13 March - Patient workshop
14 - 16 March - Scientific workshop 



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