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Department of Nephrology


OUH is an internationally recognized center for excellent,
dedicated patient care, highly rated transfer of knowledge and high-quality knowledge development
in the fields of illness and health. The University of Southern Denmark (SDU) has about 29,000
students and 4,000 employees. The Department of Nephrology at OUH covers all aspects of
prevention, diagnostics, and treatment of acute and chronic renal diseases as well as research in the
same fields. All members of our multidisciplinary expert team on thrombotic microangiopathies or
polycystic kidney disease at OUH contribute to the overall goal of providing optimized patientcentered care and multidisciplinary collaboration. We aim at personalized medicine, involvement of
nurses, physicians, and all health care professionals, as well as involvement of patients and relatives.
To reach that goal there are policies in place implement recommendations and guidelines. That
includes "OUH's Patient Safety Strategy 2015-2018", and "OUH's General Research Strategy". In
addition, there is a strong focus on research and development through education as well as clinical
training. Several members of our expert team on thrombotic microangiopathies or polycystic kidney
disease at OUH are active investigators in different aspects of these diseases or closely related
clinical areas spanning from basic research to clinical research, and from current clinical practice to
advance care planning and patient-reported outcome measures. All members contribute to the
development of patient care through education and training activities in various roles


Senior clinician experts


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Martin Tepel   (HCP Lead)   [e-mail]

Disease expertise


Martin Tepel
Telephone: +45 655 037 55


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