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ERKNet Postgraduate Curriculum in Rare Kidney Diseases

ESPN – IPNA Curriculum in Pediatric Nephrology

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Update 23rd March 2022: ERKNet did NOT block Russians from attending Webinars

ERKNet was accused of knowingly and for political reasons excluding Russian doctors from the webinars. These fake news were distrubuted through social medial 

Franz Schaefer, ERKNet coordinator, wrote on official statement clarifying that ERKNet did NOT and does not intend to ever exclude Russian pediatric or adult nephrologists from its Webinars.  We were also surprised that Russian colleagues were not able to register for this week's Webinar. It seems that Russia was removed from the country selection item. We contacted GoToWebinar, the platform hosting the ERKNet Webinars. They did not have any idea what the problem was and promised to come back to us. At this stage, a Cyber attack (or even action by Russian authorities) cannot be excluded. 

At any rate, ERKNet is committed to its altruistic mission of disseminating medical knowledge and will never embark in any politically motivated actions against Russian colleagues. Our involvement in the current crisis is focused on joining the other European Reference Networks in supporting rare disease patients that are fleeing from the war in Ukraine in any possible way.

We have now deleted the country item in the registration form!!!!


4 pm CET




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