ERKNet Postgraduate Curriculum in Rare Kidney Diseases

ESPN – IPNA Curriculum in Pediatric Nephrology


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4 pm CET




May 11 Savino Sciascia TMA in Anti-phospholipid syndrome ERKNet/ERA-EDTA
June 01 Marina Noris Atypical Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome ERKNet/ESPN
June 15 Rosa Vargas Poussou Dent Disease ERKNet/ESPN
June 29 Jürgen Floege Update on KDIGO on immune glomerulopathies ERKNet/ERA-EDTA
September 07 Dieter Haffner Renal hypophosphatemia ERKNet/ESPN
September 21 Aude Servais Cystinosis - adult view ERKNet/ERA-EDTA
October 05 Martin Konrad Bartter and Gitelmann sydromes ERKNet/ESPN
October 19 Gema Ariceta Claudin - related disorders ERKNet/ESPN
October 26 Paola Romagnani Stem cells in the kidney ERKNet/ERA-EDTA
November 02 TBA TBA  
November 16 Alan Salama Can we avoid using corticosteroids in glomerular diseases? ERKNet/ERA-EDTA
November 30 Dario Roccatello IgG4 related diseases ERKNet/ERA-EDTA
December 07 Joseph Flynn Hypertension ERKNet/ESPN
December 21 Francesco Trepiccione Monogenic forms of hypertension  ERKNet/ERA-EDTA