Clinical Patient Management System (CPMS)

Patients with rare diseases often present with complex clinical pictures that are difficult to diagnose and respond variably to standard therapies. In these cases, discussions with experts can be beneficial. To facilitate such consultations with leading European experts, the Clinical Patient Management System (CPMS) was launched by the EU in 2018.

The Clinical Patient Management System (CPMS) is a web-based telemedicine platform that allows relevant patient data (medical history, clinical, laboratory chemistry, genetic, histological, and radiological/sonographic data) to be shared and discussed with ERN experts while maintaining the highest European security standards. 

Numerous ERKNet experts are available for virtual case discussions in the CPMS. The CPMS Experts from multiple ERNs may also be invited to participate in the panel as needed.


CPMS is a free-of-charge service provided by the European Commission. European nephrologists and pediatric nephrologists can actively use the CPMS virtual consultation for referring challenging cases to ERKNet experts.


Here you will find instructions on how to access CPMS-ERKNet. 

Please find here more information how the referral within the ERKNet Network is organized. 

You are a physician working in an ERKNet Full Member or Affilated Partner hospital:

Physicians working in an ERKNet Full Member and Associated Partner hospitals can have direct access to the CPMS. If you want to open a case panel, please get in touch with the ERKNet central office at cpms[at] We will guide you through the registration and panel progress. 

You are a clinician working in a EU/EEA hospital non-member of an ERN:​

If you are working in a non-ERKNet centre and have a challenging case for which you need expert advice, please refer you case to one of your national ERKNet expert centres. They might be able to open a panel on behalf of you. Alternatively you can request a CPMS guest account which must be submitted to the ERN Coordinator. Please get in touch with the ERKNet central office first to assist you in the process at cpms[at]  

Please see here the patient referral system as applied within ERKNet. 

Important: The CPMS is not directly accessible to individual patients.​

How do I get CPMS Access?

Access to the Clinical Patient Management System (CPMS) is strictly regulated to protect the data privacy rights of the patients. In order to use the CPMS you have to have a EU login and subsequently request athorization to CPMS via SAAS.

Please find below the guidance documents on how to access CPMS:

1. How to create an EU Login

2. How to request access to CPMS


Is Patient Consent mandatory for enrolling patients into CPMS? 

Yes, all patients must give at least a consent for clinical care before sharing information on the CPMS platform.  The ERKNet central office can provide you the patient informed consent form. We have them available in all European languages. 

How can I invite the right experts from my ERN to look at my consultation request? 

Several ERKNet experts from all thematic areas are available for online consultation. ERKNet has a sophisticated database which allows us to find the best expert for consultation request. In need of a multidisciplinary approach, experts from other ERNs can also be invited to the panel. Please contact the ERKNet central office to seek advice for the invitations.  


Here you will find annoucements for upcoming CPMS Webinars. Stay tuned!

CPMS training environment

To get familiar with CPMS you can use the system in the training environment under

Training accounts will be provided by the ERKNet Central Office or SANTE-ERN-CPMS IT SUPPORT

Helpdesk via ERKNet

If you want to seek ERKNet expert advice via CPMS or if you have any technical questions, do not hesitate to contact the ERKNet central office at cpms[at]


Helpdesk via official CPMS IT support

If you have any queries, ideas, suggestions, or need help with an issue please contact ERN-CPMS via email at sante-ern-cpms-itsupport[at]