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International Pediatric Dialysis Network (IPDN)

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Disease group(s):

Pediatric CKD & dialysis

Project Summary:

The International Pediatric Dialysis Network is a global consortium of pediatric nephrology centers dedicated to the care of children on chronic dialysis. The IPDN aims to improve the quality of pediatric dialysis care worldwide, collect information regarding pediatric dialysis practices and outcomes, provide useful tools and management algorithms for daily dialysis practice, and provide global benchmarking of pediatric dialysis outcomes.
The IPDN entertains two registries: The IPPN registry for children on chronic peritoneal dialysis, and the IPHN registry for children on hemodialysis. At present, 229 institutions in 43 countries participate in the network and 530 individual members actively contribute data to the network. To date, around 3,300 pediatric PD patients in 120 pediatric dialysis units and 750 HD patients in 80 units have been enrolled in the IPDN Registries.

Lead principal investigator(s):

Franz Schaefer, Heidelberg
Claus Peter Schmitt, Heidelberg
Bradley A. Warady, Kansas City, USA


Jaap Groothoff, Amsterdam
Gema Ariceta, Barcelona
Rainer Büscher, Essen
Jun Oh, Hamburg
Aleksandra Zurowska, Gdansk
Lars Pape, Essen
Hannu Jalanko, Helsinki
Justine Bacchetta, Lyon

Project Period:

04/2007   -   12/2030


Industry, Non-profit foundation

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