Projects Overview

Projects selected for research fellowship programme

Candidates who apply for these projects will receive financial support 

Title of Study Project Mentor(s) and Country Location of exchange Application  
Characterization of clinical courses of patients with kidney hypoplasia/dysplasia and syndromic CAKUT Stefan Kohl & Max Liebau - Cologne, Germany Cologne & Heidelberg click here  
Genetic variant Interpretation and validation of ERKReg data Joeri van der Velde and Albertien van Eerde - Groningen and Uetrech, the Netherlands Groningen or Uetrecht click here  
Presentation and early outcome in juvenile LN Marina Vivarelli - Rome, Italy Heidelberg click here  
Observational study on epidemiological data in STEC-HUS patients reported in ERKReg Nicole vande Kar - Nijmegen, the Netherlands Nijmegen or Heidelberg click here  
Genotypic and phenotypic characterization of patients carrying SLC4A4 variants causing isolated or syndromic proximal RTA Friederike Petzold - Leipzig, Germany Heidelberg click here  


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Additional research projects

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Title of Study Project Mentor(s) and Country Published on the website  

Patients with DNAJB11 mutation

Irene Capelli  - Bologna, Italy

May 2024



Rutger Maas - Nijmegen, the Netherlands

May 2024


Full House Nephropathy

Luca Antonucci - Rome, Italy

May 2024


Cystinosis, Elena Levtchenko and Aude Servais (2024)

Elena Levtchenko - Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Aude Servais - Paris. France

May 2024



Teresa Cavero - Madrid, Spain

May 2024


Fertility in dRTA due to pathogenic variants affecting proton pump function 

Detlef Bockenhauer - Leuven, Belgium

May 2024