We have arranged several hotel rooms with special conditions. The number of pre-booked rooms is limited. Please organize your stay as early as possible. While booking, please state the codeword "ERKNet2022" to get the discount. The booking is made according to the self-payment principle. The expenses are reimbursed upon receipt of the invoice (max. 95€/night plus breakfast).  


Hotel IBIS Heidelberg Central Station (100 rooms available)

Willy-Brandt-Platz 3 (bus line 20 or 32 or 15 minutes walk to meeting venue)

69115 Heidelberg

81€/night, incl. breakfast

H1447-RE[at] | Mrs Jasmin Müller | codeword: ERKNet2022

+40 (0) 06221 9130

Hotel Panorama (10 rooms available)

Bismarkstraße 19 (close to the river and old city; 15 minutes walk to meeting venue)

69115 Heidelberg

90€/night, incl. breakfast


+49 (0) 6221 1852100

other hotels close to the venue (without special discount, please pay attention that due to the travel tax regulations we only can reimburse max. 95€/night)

Cafe Frisch