Call for research exchange fellows

We are delighted to announce the new ERKNet research fellowship programme. 
This programme is intended to facilitate research projects focusing on ERKReg data. Over 3,5 years we will have 2 calls for a total of 8 projects to be funded with fellowship grants of up to 3 months duration.

In the first part of the first call, senior ERKNet researchers have submitted project proposals and the most promising of which have been selected for financial support. These projects are now open for applications from interested young scientists.

The focus of the research proposals are on rare disease topics supported by data collected in our ERKReg registry. The project descriptions are available here.

Successful applicants will execute their projects under the mentor's supervision. The will stay at the ERKReg Office in Heidelberg, Germany, where intense support from the ERKReg team including a project manager, a data manager, and a statistician will be provided. Alternatively, the exchange can also take place at the mentor’s institution.

The research stay lasts 10-12 weeks. The timing of the stay is flexible and will be determined after the final approval of the candidature. It is possible to split the research stay in two phases.


Eligible candidates:
- Clinicians with research focus
- PhD students
- Postdocs (max 3 years after PhD)
- Employment in ERKNet member or Affiliated Partner centre
- Different country of residence as the project mentor
- Only one fellowship per person

Content of Fellowship support:
- Travel cost for one return trip (EU unit cost/depending on distance)
- Accommodation for working days (EU unit cost/depending on country)
- Subsistences (lump sum to cover food, public transport, weekends)

Call duration:
Please apply until June 25, 2024. The next call will be open Dec 2025.

If you are interested in other research projects:
The project proposals that were not selected for the exchange programme in the first round will be published on the website and can still be considered for collaboration projects, however without ERKNet funding. Please contact the mentors of these projects directly.