Thematic Area:  

Transition to Adult Care

The following guidance document is endorsed by the Workgroup based on standardized reviews:

Transition from pediatric to adult renal services: Consensus statement by ISN and IPNA

Kidney Int 2011; 80:704-7.


Core Recommendations:
  1. Transition structures should be implemented in all centers.
  2. Transition should start between 10 and 14 years.
  3. Core elements: Patient education, information transfer, assessment of transition readiness, family support, shared patient visits or conferences of pediatricians and nephrologists.
  4. Adequate financing of transition is needed. 
Comments by Evaluators:
  •  The guideline is more a Consensus Statement. 
  •  More peer review is needed. 
  •  Guideline has to be adopted to local health systems.  
  •  Not all elements can be implemented everywhere due to restricted resources.