Just published in Nature Reviews Nephrology! CPR for kidney involvement in tuberous sclerosis complex

A joint effort of ERKNet and ERA on providing a global overview on the management of TSC-associated kidney disease!

Dear colleagues,

We are pleased to announce the release of the current ERKNet/ERA clinical practice recommendation on the management of tuberous sclerosis complex-associated kidney disease in Nature Reviews Nephrology.

In this consensus statement, multidisciplinary experts (nephrologists, urologists, geneticists, radiologists, interventional radiologists and pathologists) and patient representatives aimed to provide a global, systematic overview of the most current and accurate information on the kidney management in TSC patients. It is the first single-source reference document for all physicians involved in the medical care of patients with TSC seeking to improve care at all ages. Please consider how the recommendations can be integrated into your practice or institution to improve patient care and outcomes.

We deeply thank all co-authors for their invaluable contributions and expertise!

Best wishes

Your ERKNet Team (on behalf of Djalila Mekahli and John Bissler)

Mekahli, D., et al. Clinical practice recommendations for kidney involvement in tuberous sclerosis complex: a consensus statement by the ERKNet Working Group for Autosomal Dominant Structural Kidney Disorders and the ERA Genes & Kidney Working Group. Nat Rev Nephrol (2024). doi.org/10.1038/s41581-024-00818-0