Register now for the 3rd class of the ERKNet Postgraduate Curriculum

The ERKNet Postgraduate Curriculum is a structured 3-year online programme consisting of webinars and case-based eLearning covering the whole spectrum of rare kidney diseases. The webinars are presented twice a month by outstanding paediatric or adult nephrologists, nephropathologists and geneticists. Additionally, we offer eLearning cases that present scenarios of patients with rare kidney diseases, allowing the students to establish a diagnosis and choose appropriate therapeutic strategies. 

The training programme targets post-graduate physicians who wish to become certified European experts in rare kidney diseases. Physicians who complete the educational program and confirm sufficient clinical activity in the field of rare kidney diseases will be recognized by a Certificate as “Rare Kidney Disease Specialist”.

Currently, ERKNet has two ongoing classes and envisions to re-launch each year a new curriculum class (from Oct - Dec). In total 257 interested ERKNet healthcare professionals from 65 health care providers in 22 European countries enrolled to the ERKNet Postgraduate Curriculum in Rare Kidney Disease.

While the eLearning contents are reserved for curriculum students, the ERKNet webinars are open to the public. So far, ERKNet broadcasted more than 90 ERKNet webinars with more than 10,000 attendees around the globe.

Eligibility criteria:

  • Employee of an ERKNet Member of Affiliated Partner centre, or at a centre currently applying for ERKNet membership
  • Postgraduate trainee in internal medicine/pediatrics, or
  • Postgraduate trainee in nephrology or pediatric nephrology, or
  • Nephrologist or pediatric nephrologist, or geneticist

Certificate qualifying criteria:

  • Attendance to at least 80% of all ERKNet Webinars within a three year period (minimum 48 Webinars)
  • >75% correct answers in Webinar-related questions
  • Processing of at least 80% of all eLearning cases (minimum 30 cases)
  • > 75% correctly answered case questions
  • Submitted portfolio confirming 2 years clinical activity in the field of rare kidney diseases.


Click here to register for the 3rd class of the ERKNet Postgraduate Curriculum. Registration open until 31 December 2022.