Ilaria Luongo

Ilaria Luongo is a Pediatrician with main interest in Pediatric Nephrology, she works as Medical Doctor at Santobono Pausylipon Children Hospital in Naples, Italy. She attends to uropathies and cystic diseases in children in the Nephrology Unit, directed by Dr. C. Pecoraro.

She also worked in Emergency Department from 2005 to 2011 and she is a Pediatric Basic Life Support instructor attested by Italian Society of Emergency in Pediatrics teaching in Training Centre of Santobono Hospital since 2007.

Formation: Ilaria Luongo got her degree in Medicine “cum laude” in 1997 at the “University of Campania – L. Vanvitelli”, Naples, Italy. In 1997 she attended to a specialization course in “Nephro-uropathies prevention” directed by Prof. G. Lama at the “University of Campania – L. Vanvitelli”, Naples.

In 1998 she got a grant from University and Research Italian Ministry for a study entitled: “IL2, IL2R, TNF? nella sindrome nefrosica idiopatica del bambino” at Department of Pediatrics University of Campania – L.Vanvitelli”, Naples. Postgraduated cum laude in Pediatrics in 2004, PhD in “Pharmacology and respiratory physiopathology” at the University of Campania – Vanvitelli in Naples, Italy.

Memberships: 2010 regional Board member of SIMEUP (Italian Society of Emergency in Pediatrics)

Academic Activities: in 2012 professor of Pediatrics in Italian Red Cross Pediatric Nursery in Naples, Italy.

Dr.Luongo has authored or co-authored about 15 articles for publication in scientific journals.