Luigi Petruzzelli

Dr Luigi Annicchiarico Petruzzelli is Medical Doctor of the Unit of Nephrology and Dialysis, Santobono Children Hospital.

He received his undergraduate degree from Luigi Vanvitelli University  and his pediatric nephrology training from Federico II University and Santobono Pausilipon Children Hospital in Naples. He continued a clinical research fellowship in Pediatric Nephrology in Rome at IRCCS Pediatric Hospital Bambino Gesù and received a Master’s degree in Pediatric Nephology at IRCCS Ca’ Grande University of Milan. He completed IPNA-ESPN European Master for Junior classes in 2019.

Beginning from a thesis on Rituximab in Pediatric Nephrotic Syndrome, he focused his interests in pediatric vasculitis, HUS , glomerulonephritis , native and transplant renal biopsy and intensive CRRT in child and newborn.

Dr Annicchiarico Petruzzelli licenced to practice ultrasonography at Italian School of Ultrasonography, specializing in interventional Ultrasonography.

Actually his work is focused on glomerulonephritis , HUS , Kidney biopsy , renal transplantation, renal ultrasonography and dialysis in pediatric age.