Research Project

Project Title:

A reactogenicity, safety and immunogenicity study of GSK’s paediatric Herpes Zoster subunit candidate vaccine (PED-HZ/su) GSK143713A in immunocompromised paediatric renal transplant recipients.

Project Type:

Clinical Trial, Enrolment ongoing

Disease group(s):

Pediatric kidney transplantation

Project Summary:

A Phase II, randomised, open-label, multicentre study to assess the reactogenicity, safety and immunogenicity of GSK's paediatric Herpes Zoster subunit candidate vaccine (PED-HZ/su) when administered intramuscularly on a two-dose schedule to immunocompromised paediatric renal transplant recipients from 1 to 17 years of age.

Lead principal investigator(s):

Giovanni Montini, Milan


Sara Testa, Milan

Project Period:

09/2019   -   12/2023



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