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Bari, AOU Consorziale policlinico di Bari-Ospedale Pediatrico Giovanni XXIII


Division of Pediatric Nephrology and Dialysis


The Division of Pediatric Nephrology and Dialysis is located at Pediatric Hospital “Giovanni XXIII” in Bari (Italy) and is one of the reference centers for children's and adolescent's kidney diseases in Italy. It represents the only Pediatric Dialysis Centre in Apulia and in the other south-eastern regions.
The main clinical activities, in the last year, included 150 day-hospital, 450 ordinary hospitalizations (in-patient), more than 1000 nephrological visits (out-patient), about 500 peritoneal dialysis and 900 extra-corporeal dialysis treatments. In addition, the most advanced extracorporeal purification techniques are performed in the Dialysis Section (CRRT, Plasma exchange, Immunoadsorption, LDL apheresis).
The medical team consists of Nephrologists and Pediatricians, a multidisciplinary team that covers most aspects of pediatric nephrology for all ages children, including a prenatal consultation, rare renal diseases, chronic and acute renal failure, Haemolytic Uremic Syndrome, glomerulopathies, tubulopathies, X-linked hypophosphataemia. A relevant field of interest is represented by diagnosis of malformative uropathy (Cakut). There is also a dedicated pre and post kidney transplant out-patient clinic. The clinical research activity is documented by participation to the main pediatric kidney disease national and international registries and clinical trials.
A child-adult transition out-patient service, in collaboration with the Adult Nephrology Unit, is also available.
In the Pediatric Nephrology and Dialysis Unit rotate medical doctors belonging to residency program in Nephrology and Pediatrics, School of Medicine, University of Bari.


Senior clinician experts

Mario Giordano   (HCP Deputy Lead)   [e-mail]
Vincenza Carbone   [e-mail]
Diletta Torres   [e-mail]

Junior clinician experts


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Marida Martino   [e-mail]
Luisa Santangelo   [e-mail]

Clinicians in training


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Maria-Paola Ferrante   [e-mail]

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Marta Pensa   [e-mail]

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Maria Vedova Della   [e-mail]

Disease expertise

» Tubulopathies
» AD structural kidney disorders
» Congenital malformations & ciliopathies


Prof. Loreto Gesualdo
Telephone: 0039 0805592774


» Division of Pediatric Nephrology and Dialysis