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Department of Renal Medicine


The Department of Renal Medicine at Karolinska University Hospital carries out a wide and qualified renal medical specialist care at county and national level. The clinic is responsible for approximately 400 hemodialysis patients, 100 peritoneal dialysis patients, 650 renal transplant patients and the catchment is about 65 % (1.4 million people) of the region. The number of visits to our three outpatient clinics are 20,000/ year, to the four dialysis units 70,000/year and we have more than 1,000 hospitalisations per year. Rare renal diseases constitute a significant proportion (approximately 12 %) of our patients.


Senior clinician experts

Peter Barany   (HCP Lead)   [e-mail]

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Maria Evans   [e-mail]

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Peter Hemmingsson

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Charikleia Chrysostomou   [e-mail]

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Sara Lind af Hageby   [e-mail]

Junior clinician experts


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Warda Ali   [e-mail]

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Katarina RobertssonGrossmann   [e-mail]

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Julia Wijkström   [e-mail]

Clinicians in training


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Riyadh Bagadoodh   [e-mail]

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Marie Hilderman   [e-mail]

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Amel Ibrahim   [e-mail]

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Stefania Kapetanaki   [e-mail]



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Xiang Hua   [e-mail]

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Annika Östman Wernerson   [e-mail]

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Hovakhshatare Shamsborhan   [e-mail]

Disease expertise

» Hereditary glomerulopathies
» Immune glomerulopathies
» AD structural kidney disorders
» Congenital malformations & ciliopathies
» Pediatric CKD & dialysis
» Pediatric kidney transplantation


Peter Bárány
Telephone: +46858586849


» Department of Renal Medicine