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Division of Nephrology


Since 2015, the Division of Nephrology at the University of Leipzig Medical Center (ULMC) offers a specialized outpatient clinic on rare and hereditary kidney diseases, which is part of the Center for rare diseases at ULMC. Within this clinic, we offer genetic testing, counseling, and management for patients with CKD of undetermined etiology, polycystic kidney disease (PKD), various familial glomerulopathies (e.g. Alport Syndrome, genetic FSGS, aHUS), as well as familial kidney stone disorders, nephrocalcinosis, and rare tubulopathies (incl. ADTKD). The clinic is synchronized with the pediatric nephrology clinic to allow families to present in both Division on the very same day. Another specialty concerns patients with Tuberous Sclerosis Complex (TSC), where our adult Nephrology Division is part of the interdisciplinary Leipzig Center for TSC.


Senior clinician experts

Jonathan de Fallois   (HCP Lead)   [e-mail]

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Tom Lindner   (HCP Deputy Lead)   [e-mail]

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Jan Kowald   [e-mail]
Friederike Petzold   [e-mail]

Junior clinician experts


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Fabian Baalmann   [e-mail]

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Marie Engesser   [e-mail]

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Bastian Krüger   [e-mail]

Laboratory researchers


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Jan Halbritter   [e-mail]

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Sebastian Sewerin   [e-mail]

Clinical research coordinators


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Stefanie Walther   [e-mail]

Disease expertise

» Hereditary glomerulopathies
» AD structural kidney disorders
» Congenital Malformations & Ciliopathies


Dr. Jonathan de Fallois
Telephone: 0341 - 97 13380


» Division of Nephrology