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Nephrology Department


The Centro Hospitalar Universitário do Porto is the teaching hospital of ICBAS – School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences of University of Porto. The renal function replacement therapy was implemented in 1969, at the time included in the Internal Medicine Department.
The Nephrology Department was established as an autonomous service in 1975, with the divisions of clinical nephrology and dialysis. Renal transplantation program began in 1983, while the ambulatory continuous peritoneal dialysis began in 1985. The living donor transplantation program was structurally established in 1998, soon progressing to the transplantation of hypersensitized patients, paired kidney exchange transplant and incompatible ABO. In 2000, the first simultaneous multiorgan transplantation took place – kidney/pancreas and liver/kidney. The Nephrology Department provides support in dialysis techniques in Intensive Care Units and offers internal advisory to all CHUP departments.
Certification was achieved in 2006. The Nephrology Department integrates or participates in four Portuguese Reference Centers (Adult Kidney Transplantation, Pediatric Kidney Transplantation, Pancreatic Transplantation and Familial Amyloidosis) and a European Network (ERN). Along with Italy and Spain, the Department is part of the South Transplant Alliance for paired kidney exchange transplant.
The Rare Kidney Diseases Clinic includes multi-disciplinary teams to diagnosis approach and optimal care for patients with rare kidney diseases and together with the Pediatric Division offers lifelong follow-up and treatment for patients with rare hereditary nephropathies. Our center group has clinical expertise and research interest in the field of rare kidney disorders, including cystic, glomerulopathies and tubulointerstitial diseases.


Senior clinician experts


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Idalina Beirão   (HCP Deputy Lead)   [e-mail]

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Luisa Lobato   [e-mail]

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Josefina Santos   [e-mail]

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Ana Marta Gomes   [e-mail]

Junior clinician experts

Sofia Correia   [e-mail]

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Sofia Santos   [e-mail]

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Joana Tavares   [e-mail]

Clinicians in training


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Ana-Cristina Cunha Santos   [e-mail]

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Sandra Pereira   [e-mail]

Disease expertise

» Hereditary glomerulopathies
» Immune glomerulopathies
» AD structural kidney disorders


Prof. Alberto Caldas Afonso
Telephone: +351-222-077-500


» Nephrology Department