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Department of Nephrology and Medical Intensive Care


The Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin is one of the largest university hospitals in Europe. The Charité is spread over four campuses, and encompasses about 100 clinics and institutes, which are organized in 17 Charité centers.
The Department of Nephrology and Medical Intensive Care provides acute care for patients with kidney diseases on five regular nephrology wards, three medical ICUs and three adult dialysis units. Special consultations for outpatients with rare and complex kidney diseases are offered at the Center for Rare Kidney Diseases (CeRKiD), which gathers multidisciplinary teams to optimally diagnose and treat adult patients. CeRKiD is led by a scientific coordinator, Prof. Dr. Jan Halbritter, and combines outpatient clinics in more than twelve disease areas, each run by an experienced, board certified nephrologist with longstanding expertise in the specific disease area: glomerular diseases, vasculitis, polycystic kidney disease, autosomal dominant tubulointerstitial kidney disease, tuberous sclerosis, oxalosis and kidney stones, IgG4 disease, Fabry´s disease, renal amyloidosis, hyperaldosteronism (endocrine hypertension), cystinosis and tubulopathies. In addition, ambulatory service is offered to patients with a suspected inherited kidney disease of yet unidentified etiology. In multidisciplinary teams, nephrologists work closely with specialists from other medical disciplines, qualified nurses, psychologists and social workers to provide comprehensive care. Accordingly, we see about 1500 patients with rare and genetic diseases each year. The clinical service is complemented by a wide spectrum of clinical and experimental research activities as well as participation in and coordination of investigator and industry sponsored clinical trials.
As part of the Berlin Center for Rare Diseases (BCSE) at Charité, CeRKiD is closely linked to the pediatric nephrology section, chaired by Prof. Dr. Dominik Müller, to ensure a smooth transition of patient care to adult medicine.

Appointments in our outpatient clinic can be scheduled by phone +49 30 450 514 124 or email


Senior clinician experts


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Kai-Uwe Eckardt   (HCP Lead)   [e-mail]
Jan Halbritter   (HCP Deputy Lead)   [e-mail]

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Felix Knauf   [e-mail]

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Christian Rosenberger   [e-mail]

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Adrian Schreiber   [e-mail]

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Markus Schueler   [e-mail]

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Evelyn Seelow   [e-mail]

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Markus van der Giet   [e-mail]

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Klemens Budde   [e-mail]

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Sima Canaan-Kühl   [e-mail]

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Nadine Koch   [e-mail]

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Choi Mira   [e-mail]

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Ute Scholl   [e-mail]

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Bianca Zukunft   [e-mail]

Junior clinician experts


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Gerlineke Hawkins-van-der-Cingel   [e-mail]

Clinical geneticists


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Stefan Mundlos   [e-mail]

Clinical research coordinators


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Inka Gotthardt   [e-mail]

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Silke Kasbohm   [e-mail]

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Rene Nadolny   [e-mail]

Disease expertise

» Hereditary glomerulopathies
» Immune glomerulopathies
» Tubulopathies
» Metabolic & stone disorders
» Thrombotic microangiopathies
» AD structural kidney disorders
» Congenital malformations & ciliopathies


Prof. Kai-Uwe Eckardt
Telephone: +49 30 450 514 124


» Department of Nephrology and Medical Intensive Care