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Department of nephrology and hypertension


The Department of Nephrology and Hypertension in the University Hospital Erlangen is the sole academic provider for a large area and number of inhabitants, covering several communal hospitals in a close cooperation, including Nuremberg, Bamberg, Bayreuth, Fürth, Ansbach and Coburg. Therefore, patients with rare kidney diseases are frequently seen in our department, for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes either as outpatients or hospitalized. The department is a tertiary health care provider, comprising all areas of clinical and academic Nephrology, including a 42-beds Nephrology ward, a dialysis unit working seven days a week, a transplant unit, an outpatient area, a clinical study unit and an intensive care unit for potentially 10 ventilated patients.
The University Hospital Erlangen is a certified center for Rare Diseases (Zentrum für Seltene Erkrankungen, ZSE) in Germany, where one active (“B”-) unit is the Center for Rare Kidney Diseases (Zentrum für Seltene NierenErkrankungen, ZSNE). We have active cooperations with several areas in the University Hospital, which are crucial in caring for patients with rare kidney diseases: Urology for adults and children, Renal Paediatrics, Renal Pathology, Human Genetics and Radiology.
A large number of experienced consultants from our department are interested in rare kidney diseases and offer specialized clinics for the full spectrum of diseases: Glomerulopathies, Tubulopathies, TMAs, Autosomal dominant structural disorders and Renal malformations. Many of these disease entities are covered clinically, as well as investigated academically. If available, we are keen to participate in clinical registries and pharmaceutical studies for rare kidney diseases, for which we are fully equipped.
In cooperation with the department of paediatrics we transfer adolescent patients with rare diseases and / or a kidney transplant in a dedicated transition clinic.


Senior clinician experts


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Mario Schiffer   (HCP Lead)   [e-mail]

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Michael Wiesener   (HCP Deputy Lead)   [e-mail]

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Björn Buchholz   [e-mail]

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Karl Hilgers   [e-mail]

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Schödel Johannes   [e-mail]

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Christoph Kopp   [e-mail]

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Janina Müller-Deile   [e-mail]

Junior clinician experts


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Tilman Jobst-Schwan   [e-mail]

Disease expertise

» Hereditary glomerulopathies
» Immune glomerulopathies
» Tubulopathies
» Thrombotic microangiopathies
» AD structural kidney disorders
» Congenital malformations & ciliopathies


Prof. Michael Wiesener
Telephone: +49 (0) 9131 85 3635


» Department of nephrology and hypertension