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Brussels, Cliniques universitaires Saint-Luc - UCL


Service de Néphrologie - Maladies Rénales Génétiques (Rare Kidney Disease Clinic)


"The St-Luc academic hospital (Cliniques Universitaires Saint Luc, CUSL) is the teaching hospital of the Université catholique de Louvain (UCL) Medical School in Brussels, Belgium. The Rare Kidney Disease Clinic, part of the Division of Nephrology, brings together multi-disciplinary teams to deliver diagnosis and optimal care for patients with rare kidney diseases within the CUSL in Brussels and the network of 10 non-academic nephrology centres in Belgium. We provide highly organised one-stop clinics where patients can undergo planned diagnostic tests and see the specialists and multi-disciplinary team relevant to their care in one visit. Our center group has long-standing internationally recognised clinical expertise and research interest in the field of rare kidney disorders, including cystic (ADPKD), tubulointerstitial (ADTKD) and tubular diseases.


Senior clinician experts

Olivier Devuyst   (HCP Lead)   [e-mail]
Nathalie Demoulin   [e-mail]

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Axel Feyaerts   [e-mail]
Valentine Gillion   [e-mail]
Nathalie Godefroid   [e-mail]

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Eric Goffin   [e-mail]
Johann Morelle   [e-mail]

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Stephane Thiry   [e-mail]

Junior clinician experts

Thien Anh Ho   [e-mail]

Clinical geneticists


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Karin Dahan   [e-mail]

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Hendrica Belge   [e-mail]

Laboratory researchers


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Sebastien Druart

Clinical research coordinators


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Djamila Chaib Eddour

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Julie Klein   [e-mail]

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Olivia Lacroix   [e-mail]

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Sandra Mertens   [e-mail]

Disease expertise

» Hereditary glomerulopathies
» Immune glomerulopathies
» Tubulopathies
» Metabolic & stone disorders
» Thrombotic microangiopathies
» AD structural kidney disorders
» Congenital malformations & ciliopathies


Olivier Devuyst
Telephone: +3227645450
Fax: +3227645455


» Service de Néphrologie - Maladies Rénales Génétiques (Rare Kidney Disease Clinic)