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Center for Glomerular Diseases


The Center for Glomerular Diseases aims to provide comprehensive and outstanding care to patients with glomerular diseases, implicating evidence-based care of patients in accordance with international standards and guidelines, as well as patient-centered care. It is a reference center for primary and secondary glomerular diseases at a national level. The multidisciplinary team comprises experienced nephrologists, nephropathologists, rheumatologists, hematologists, pneumologists and dieticians. Procedures and highly specialized equipment are in place. The outpatient clinic of the center is located in the Nephrology department, which also serves as a 24h - day clinic. At the department, interventional procedures such as ultrasound-guided percutaneous kidney biopsies and central venous catheter placement are performed. Outpatients with rare glomerular diseases undergo complete clinical and laboratory evaluation by a consultant nephrologist at every visit, while consultation by other members of the multidisciplinary team is implicated when needed. Besides primary conditions, our center also focuses on secondary prevention (e.g. cardiovascular, bone disease) and provides psychological support, dietologic consultation and social services to patients and their families. Continuous education is one of the main goals of the center and all nephrologists of the team are involved in teaching of medical students, trainees and clinicians of other specialties. The nephrology team has two faculty members, professor and assistant professor of nephrology, who are responsible for research and educational programs. A major advantage of our center is its connection to a transplant unit located in the same department. Patients with glomerular diseases who progress to ESRD can immediately be interconnected with the procedure of transplantation. Our center offers the unique opportunity for the patient with glomerular disease to receive the optimal care by dedicated, experienced and specialized nephrologists through all disease stages at the same institution.


Senior clinician experts


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Ioannis Boletis   (HCP Lead)   [e-mail]

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Smaragdi Marinaki   (HCP Deputy Lead)   [e-mail]

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Eleni Kapsia   [e-mail]

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Chrysanthi Skalioti   [e-mail]

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Stathis Tsiakas   [e-mail]

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Maria Darema   [e-mail]

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Vasilis Filiopoulos   [e-mail]

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Christina Melexopoulou   [e-mail]

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Carlos Nicolau

Clinicians in training


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Ioannis Kofotolios   [e-mail]

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Maria Smyrli   [e-mail]



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George Liapis   [e-mail]

Disease expertise

» Hereditary glomerulopathies
» Immune glomerulopathies


Prof. Ioannis Boletis
Telephone: 30-213-2061151