Research Task Force

Composed of ERKNet members with a strong track record in rare renal disease research, this Taskforce aims to integrate research activities within the Network and to coordinate concerted funding efforts in future European and transnational calls.

An initial focus will be on the development of a joint patient database, structured collection of biospecimens and the development of a joint research training programme. 

TaskForce Members

Sander Garrelfs  Amsterdam, Netherlands, Amsterdam, Academic Medical Center (AMC)  » Ped. center
Giuseppe Remuzzi  Bergamo, Italy, Azienda Ospedaliera Papa Giovanni XXIII  » Adult center
Olivier Devuyst  Brussels, Belgium, Cliniques universitaires Saint-Luc - UCL  » Adult center
Max Liebau  Cologne, Germany, University Hospital  » Ped. center
Paola Romagnani  Florence, Italy, Meyer Children’s Hospital  » Ped. center
Monica Bodria  Genova, Italy, Istituto Giannina Gaslini  » Ped. center
Mario Schiffer  Hannover, Germany, Hannover Medical School  » Adult center
Vera Cornelius  Heidelberg, Germany, University Hospital  » Ped. center
Stefanie Haeberle  Heidelberg, Germany, University Hospital  » Ped. center
Franz Schaefer  Heidelberg, Germany, University Hospital  » Ped. center
Tanja Wlodkowski  Heidelberg, Germany, University Hospital  » Ped. center
Elena Levtchenko  Leuven, Belgium, University Hospitals Leuven  » Ped. center
Justine Bacchetta  Lyon, France, Hôpital Femme Mère Enfant & Université de Lyon  » Ped. center
Jack Wetzels  Nijmegen, Netherlands, Radboud UMC  » Adult center
Lorenzo Calo  Padova, Italy, Azienda Ospedaliera di Padova  » Adult center
Pierre Ronco  Paris, France, Tenon Hospital, Assistance Publique Hôpitaux de Paris  » Adult center
Dario Roccatello  Torino, Italy, University of Torino-Ospedale HUB Torino Nord  » Adult center
Stephane Decramer  Toulouse, France, Toulouse, University Hospital  » Ped. center
Joost Schanstra  Toulouse, France, Toulouse, University Hospital  » Ped. center
Albertien vanEerde  Utrecht, Netherlands, University Medical Centre  » Ped. center
Detlef Bockenhauer  External London, Great Ormond Street Hospital 
Rukshana Shroff  External London, Great Ormond Street Hospital 
Adrian Woolf  External Manchester, Manchester University Foundation Trust