Management of Polycystic Kidney Diseases from Childhood to Adulthood

Workshop held on December 2, 2017,  Leuven, Belgium


Cardiovascular phenotype in children and adults with ADPKD 

Francesco Emma, Rome, Italy 


Pathways involved in ADPKD

Barbara Ehrlich, New Haven, USA   


I´ll have my cysts with a bit of sugar, please

Detlef Bockenhauer, London, UK


Genetics of Polycystic Kidney Diseases 

Peter Harris, Rochester, USA  


Update on Tolvaptan for ADPKD

Vicente Torres, Rochester, USA   


Clinical Management of ADPKD in the era of Tolvaptan

Roman Müller, Cologne, Germany  


Ron Perrone, Boston, USA


Patient Engagement in ADPKD and ARPKD: The role of  patients organisations

Tess Harris, Patient Point of view, London, UK