ERKNet Nephropathology Workshop

ERKNet Nephropathology Workshop
CME course held from 18th to 19th October 2018 in Paris, France. 


The European Rare Kidney Disease Network: challenges, structure, resources, opportunities

Franz Schaefer, Heidelberg, Germany


The ERKNet virtual consultation platform: CPMS

Caroline Paquier, European Commission, DG Health


Mass spectrometry for glomerular proteomics

Markus Rinschen, Cologne, Germany 


Building consensus on minimal evidence: Delphi and other methods

Felicity Hasson, Antrim, Northern Ireland


Collecting hard data to reach consensus: the Oxford-Classification example

Ian Robert, Oxford, UK


Creating, hosting and sharing virtual slide repositories

Niels Grabe, Heidelberg, Germany


Standardisation of nephropathological desprictions

Mark Hass, Los Angeles, CA, USA


Glomerular morphometry

Victor Puelles, Hamburg,Germany


Tubulointerstitial morphometry

Alton 'Brad' Farris, Atlanta, GA, USA


RNA expression profiling in renal biopsies

Candice Roufosse, London, UK


Rare disease definition and coding with Orphanet

Annie Olry, Paris, France


Spectroscopic imaging

Badri Roysam, Houston, TX, USA


Computerised analysis of multichannel immunofluorescence

Badri Roysam, Houston, TX, USA


Artificial intelligence in histopathology

Badri Roysam, Houston, TX, USA


Nephropathology in ERKNet

Jan U. Becker, Cologne, Germany


Peritoneal biopsy biobank for the Pediatric CKD Workgroup

Betti Schäfer, Heidelberg, Germany


Kidney Biopsy Codes

Amélie Dendooven, Antwerp, Belgium


Presentation of the CERTAIN registry 

Britta Höcker, Heidelberg, Germany


Presentation of the pathology module / Banff rules and dissemination WG

Jan U. Becker, Cologne, Germany