App Development

To facilitate the day-to-day application of guideline knowledge, we aim to create a mobile application which informs on the current best practice in the individual thematic areas in a compact and intuitive manner and contains interactive elements providing diagnostic and therapeutic clinical pathways. We believe that such a mobile health solution will help to harmonize workflows and clinical decision-making.

The task force members are establishing consensus-based diagnostic algorithms for patients with suspected rare kidney diseases. Moreover, the task force members define clinical pathways for therapeutic management after thorough review of available treatments. 


TaskForce Members

Francesca Lugani  Genoa, Italy, Istituto Giannina Gaslini  » Ped. center
Charlotte Bootsma  Groningen, Netherlands, University Medical Center  » Ped. center
Stefanie Haeberle  Heidelberg, Germany, University Hospital  » Ped. center
Franz Schaefer  Heidelberg, Germany, University Hospital  » Ped. center