Diagnosis and Management of Inherited Kidney Diseases: What´s New?

WGiKD CME Workshop held June 3, 2017, Madrid, Spain, on occasion of ERA-EDTA Annual Meeting


Collagen IV glomerulopathies: an underdiagnosed phenotypic chameleon?

Constantinos Deltas, Nicosia, Cyprus


Alport Syndrome: a treatable hereditary kidney disease

Oliver Gross, Göttingen, Germany


NGS podocytopathy panel screening in adults with CKD of unknown origin: findings from the GCKD study

Anna Koettgen, Freiburg, Germany


C3 glomerulopathy: role of complement for pathogenesis and treatment

Marina Vivarelli, Rome, Italy


Advances in molecular understanding of cystinosis: implications for therapy

Corinne Antignac, Paris, France


Preimplantation genetic diagnosis for inherited renal diseases

Nine V.A.M. Knoers, Utrecht, The Netherlands


The European Reference Network for Rare Kidney Diseases

Franz Schaefer, Heidelberg, Germany